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Song of the Day – Wednesday 6/16/2010 DEVO June 16, 2010

It’s been 20 years since the last DEVO album was released…dang that seems like forever ago!  If memory serves correctly, MizMuze wasn’t even able to drink her Greek Muze Ouzo back in 1990 (legally, that is)!!!  But I do remember vividly when DEVO’s fantastic 1980 Freedom of Choice album came out…MizMuze was gettin’ her groove on to “Whip It” and dancing around in her kiddie toga…ahhh, good times. 

DEVO’s ninth studio album, Something For Everybody dropped yesterday.  DEVO conducted a “Song Study” via an online survey to determine which of their 12 of 16 songs were to be included on the new album.  What that means is that you have the Freedom of Choice when deciding which of the three album versions to buy:  The Standard Version which is “88% focus group approved.”  The Song Study Version which is 100% focus group approved.  Or the Deluxe Version which includes all 16 songs plus four bonus tracks.

DEVO – Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man)




Song of the Day – Tuesday 6/15/2010 Sunvisor June 15, 2010

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With only one track to date, NYC’s synthpop duo, Sunvisor can hardly rest on their laurels yet; but if their upcoming EP sounds as good as their single, Matt Buszko and Anthony Gerbino will be able to kick-back, relax, and ride their chillwave soon enough…

You can download their single, “Sky Dive” here.

Sunvisor – Sky Dive



Song of the Day – Tuesday 4/27/2010 Washed Out April 27, 2010

Fo’ rizzle, another drizzle?!  It’s the end of April and it’s raining…again!  Who’s ready for full-time rock steady sunshine?  Well, MizMuze is here to help.  Close your eyes and let the chillwave sounds of Washed Out take you away.

Ernest Greene aka Washed Out, created this beautiful chillout tune off the Life of Leisure EP, at night in his bedroom while his parents were asleep at their home in Georgia.

The term “chillwave” was actually created in 2009 by Carles of Hipster Runoff in order to describe the Washed Out sound.  So let’s ride this chillwave until April Showers give way to May Flowers…

Washed Out – Feel It All Around



Song of the Day – Friday 4/23/2010 Goldfrapp April 23, 2010

Put on your lip gloss, feather your hair, and grab your leg-warmers…It’s rollerdisco time!

Alison Goldfapp and Will Gregory of Goldfrapp are bringin’ the dance hits 80’s style.  On the English duo’s latest album, Head First, which was released last month, the band summons the late 70’s early 80’s disco era with their Blondie, Abba, and ELO tunes.  Ahhh…it’s enough to make you wanna head over to Aloha Roller Palace to rex and Shoot-the-duck…

Catch Goldfrapp dance and sing the night away under the mirrorball on 6/26/2010 at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

Goldfrapp – Rocket




Song of the Day – Monday 4/12/2010 MGMT April 12, 2010

Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, Brooklyn’s electro-pop duo, better known as MGMT have sold out both of their shows at the Fillmore.  But you’re in luck, as of this morning, the 5/29/2010 show at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium still has tix available.  Better hurry, this one is sure to sell out…


MGMT’s new album, Congratulations, drops tomorrow 4/13/2010.

MGMT- Flash Delirium




Song of the Day – Wednesday 4/7/2010 Hot Chip April 7, 2010

English electropop band, Hot Chip have been getting booties shakin’ on the dance floor since they dropped their first album Coming on Strong in 2005 (2004 in the UK).  The band’s forth studio album, One Life Stand was released on 2/9/2010 and has been called their best record yet.  Lead singer, Alexis Taylor agrees stating, “I really like the last record we made – really proud of it…It’s the most warm and soulful sounding record we’ve made.”

Hot Chip headline the Fox Theater in Oakland on 4/16 supported by The xx…MizMuze will mos def be gettin’ her dance-on at the show!

Hot Chip – One Life Stand




Song of the Day – Thursday 2/25/2010 Cold Cave February 25, 2010

Do you miss the days when you were all about black—clothes, eyeliner, nail polish, lipstick, attitude? Your jet-black hair hanging in front of your face as you stood in the corner listening to New Order and Joy Division and thinking, “only Ian Curtis really understands me.”  Well now that you’re all growns up, relive your painful youth with Philly’s (now based in New York) Cold Cave; only now you realize love won’t tear you apart, but love comes close…and just when you think you’ve got Cold Cave pegged as New Order Redux, listen to “Life Magazine” for a disco dance-ready happy-go-lucky “now you’re part of the in-crowd” jam…

Cold Cave – Love Comes Close

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