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Song of the Day – Tuesday 9/14/2010 Active Child September 14, 2010

Ex-choirboy, Pat Grossi aka Active Child grew up on the East Coast and now lives in LA.  Grossi’s music has a hymnal quality and is inspired by his chorale days with the Philadelphia Boys Choir…Active Child’s first official U.S. release is the EP, Curtis Lane which was released on June 1st. 

It’s doubtful that Active Child will be running around the stage like an active child, but you can chillax to his spaced-out synthpop when he opens up for School of Seven Bells on 9/30/2010 at The Independent in San Francisco…

Active Child – Wilderness




Song of the Day – Thursday 9/2/2010 Small Black September 2, 2010

NYC chillwavers, Small Black, who also share members of darkwave trio Psychobuildings, have recently signed to indie label Jagjaguwar, who have described Small Black’s debut full-length album, New Chain as “a delirious smudging of the lines between melancholy and nostalgia, tension and celebration, unabashed pop music and experimentation…a thinker’s party record.”  Sounds good to this party-hardy thinker. The album is scheduled for release on 10/26/2010.   No Bay Area dates scheduled, but MizMuze will keep you posted…

Small Black – Photojournalist




Song of the Day – Wednesday 8/18/2010 Fortune August 18, 2010

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MizMuze knows that all the Francophile-Audiophiles out there are already down for Fortune—in fact, Thomas Mars (frontman for Phoenix) has been singing the praises of Fortune for quite some time, saying that they’re his favorite band and believes that «the way they arrange music is like a candy shop, everything is very sweet, the whole thing is very fresh.  It’s a mix between classical music and modern pop music.  Yeah, it’s a recent thing that people should know about for sure.» (<–guillemets added for effect)

Well, thanks for the suggestion Monsieur Mars…we’ll give Fortune a spin or two. 

Their debut album, Staring At the Ice Melt dropped on 3/23/2010…

Fortune – Gimme




Song of the Day – Monday 7/26/2010 ceo July 26, 2010

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Sweden’s Eric Berglund of The Tough Alliance has a mysterious new project, ceo.  His debut album, White Magic was released last month…

The video for “Come With Me” includes stuffed animals, champagne, masks, and knives.  Just your typical, everyday, Swedish house-party.  Via the band’s website is a description of what ceo is:

“ceo is the photosynthesis and an aria, it is silence and virginity lost in a gang bang.
ceo is a bird in space and ceo is the space in a bird.
ceo is saliva, patron, november rain and panic. it is a relief, a citrine and it is broken dreams.
ceo is the harlot, the prince the snake and the shaman. in a spyker c8 laviolette. and on a mirage.
ceo is raspberries and chlamydia, it is the shadow and it is a clapping game.”

File under: Danceable WTF

ceo – Come With Me



Song of the Day – Monday 7/19/2010 The Limousines July 19, 2010

MizMuze must be in a dream within a dream, because what else could explain the fact that so much good music is coming out of little ol’ San Ho lately.  Or maybe I’m in a third-level dream-state just like Leo in the new blockbuster, Inception (which MizMuze gives two spins of a top up!) 

Whether it’s a dream or nightmare, there’s no doubt that indie music is finding its way to San Jose…

Today’s SOTD comes from San Jose electropop duo, The Limousines whose single “Very Busy People”  received national airplay and chart success last year.  Their debut album, Get Sharp will drop on 7/27/2010 via iTunes and Hot Topic…

Make sure to check out The Limousines when they chauffeur their way to the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on 9/3/2010.

The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star




Song of the Day – Friday 7/16/2010 Cut Copy July 16, 2010

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Just a quick post today as MizMuze has to get her day-job on, and has a packed schedule…

Those kewl Aussie kids known as Cut Copy, are premiering a new song and have been kind enough to offer their new single, “Where I’m Going” as a free download…get it here.

Enjoy, and have a fantatsic Friday.  Now I’m off to save the world…

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going




Song of the Day – Wednesday 7/14/10 Neon Indian July 14, 2010

Alan Palomo is Neon Indian, born in Mexico and raised in Texas, whose lo-fi sound created quite a buzz last year when he released his debut LP, Psychic Chasms

Previously associated with his work with Ghosthustler and VEGA, Palomo describes Neon Indian’s sound as,  “Childhood re-contextualized through a psychedelic, lo-fi filter.  The idea of memory before you were old enough to have memories.”

Neon Indian will be sending smoke signals on 9/29/10 from The Fillmore in San Francisco when he is joined onstage with his live band which includes: Leanne Macomber, Ronald Gierhart, and Jason Faries.

Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer



Song of the Day – Wednesday 6/16/2010 DEVO June 16, 2010

It’s been 20 years since the last DEVO album was released…dang that seems like forever ago!  If memory serves correctly, MizMuze wasn’t even able to drink her Greek Muze Ouzo back in 1990 (legally, that is)!!!  But I do remember vividly when DEVO’s fantastic 1980 Freedom of Choice album came out…MizMuze was gettin’ her groove on to “Whip It” and dancing around in her kiddie toga…ahhh, good times. 

DEVO’s ninth studio album, Something For Everybody dropped yesterday.  DEVO conducted a “Song Study” via an online survey to determine which of their 12 of 16 songs were to be included on the new album.  What that means is that you have the Freedom of Choice when deciding which of the three album versions to buy:  The Standard Version which is “88% focus group approved.”  The Song Study Version which is 100% focus group approved.  Or the Deluxe Version which includes all 16 songs plus four bonus tracks.

DEVO – Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man)




Song of the Day – Tuesday 6/15/2010 Sunvisor June 15, 2010

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With only one track to date, NYC’s synthpop duo, Sunvisor can hardly rest on their laurels yet; but if their upcoming EP sounds as good as their single, Matt Buszko and Anthony Gerbino will be able to kick-back, relax, and ride their chillwave soon enough…

You can download their single, “Sky Dive” here.

Sunvisor – Sky Dive



Song of the Day – Tuesday 4/27/2010 Washed Out April 27, 2010

Fo’ rizzle, another drizzle?!  It’s the end of April and it’s raining…again!  Who’s ready for full-time rock steady sunshine?  Well, MizMuze is here to help.  Close your eyes and let the chillwave sounds of Washed Out take you away.

Ernest Greene aka Washed Out, created this beautiful chillout tune off the Life of Leisure EP, at night in his bedroom while his parents were asleep at their home in Georgia.

The term “chillwave” was actually created in 2009 by Carles of Hipster Runoff in order to describe the Washed Out sound.  So let’s ride this chillwave until April Showers give way to May Flowers…

Washed Out – Feel It All Around