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Song of the Day – Monday 11/1/2010 Wild Nothing November 1, 2010

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Wild Nothing is the solo project from Virginia’s Jack Tatum, who has gone from a one-man recording project, to a full four-piece touring band. 

Tatum explains the difference between recording the album by himself to touring as a band: “In a lot of ways you lose a lot of stuff, but you gain a certain amount of energy that wasn’t there on the recording.  Live, we’ve kind of run into more of a rock band, if that makes any sense.  There’s that general energy about it, where it’s the live drums and everything is just a little louder and faster.  And it has a different feel, which I think is good.  At least for me, when I see a live band, it’s nice if everything is happening and all the instruments are being played right there.”  Wild Nothing played Popscene in September, but are sure to head back to the Bay very soon…

Wild Nothing’s debut album, Gemini was released on 5/25/2010 and has drawn comparisons to the Eighties Elite: Johnny Marr, The Cure, New Order and the Cocteau Twins…    

Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday