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Song of the Day – Friday 4/16/2010 Fol Chen April 16, 2010

This synth-pop band from LA likes to keep secrets, especially their identity.  Fol Chen don’t appear in their videos and often show up in masks and makeup at their gigs.  The band believes “we sound like Prince with Amon Duul II and a children’s religious revival, not to mention Hot Chip, Pink Floyd, Gwen Stefani, Pere Ubu, Danielson Famile, Scritti Politti, Boards Of Canada, The Blow, and Pulp. (Mostly). We are cryptic and joyful and we would like you to dance.” 

You can see Fol Chen’s secret unfold when they open up for Liars on 4/27/2010 at Slim’s in San Francisco.

Fol Chen – No Wedding Cake




Song of the Day – Monday 3/29/2010 Titus Andronicus March 29, 2010

New Jersey indie rockers, Titus Andronicus combine folk, punk, shoegaze and lo-fi, and have recently been named one of the Best New Bands of 2010 by Rolling Stone.  The band played last night at Slim’s supported by Let’s Wrestle…

Definitely not your every day thrashers, the band’s name is based on one of Shakespeare’s plays and their second album, The Monitor was released on 3/9/2010 and is a concept album about the Civil War.  In fact, many of  their songs reference classic literature…it’s like Oprah’s Book Club meets the mosh pit.

Titus Andronicus – Upon Viewing Brueghel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”