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Song of the Day – Monday 11/8/2010 No Age November 8, 2010

LA’s indie rock duo, No Age consists of Randy Randall (guitar) and Dean Spunt (vocals, drums). The band has so far released three albums, 2007’s Weirdo Rippers (a compilation of early material) 2008’s Nouns and 2010’s Everything In Between.

The band’s third full-length album, Everything in Between dropped on 9/28/2010.

See No Age at The New Parish in Oakland on 12/8/2010…

No Age – Fever Dreaming



Song of the Day – Friday 11/5/2010 Candy Claws November 5, 2010

Colorado’s Candy Claws, have released their new album, Hidden Lands on  Two Syllable Records on 8/3/2010.  Their record label describes Candy Claws’ unique style of recording:

“Each song on Hidden Lands contains a sample of every other song on the album.  They’d used this technique on previous releases, but this time around it happens throughout the whole album, creating a very cohesive listening experience.  Sometimes you’ll be able to recognize a bit of a song within another, but perhaps more interesting are the references only your subconscious will catch.  Without you noticing, your mind (and maybe your heart!) will make the connections, bridging the bridge of one song to the intro of another, taking in the album as a whole, just like albums should be.”

Let Candy Claws sink their claws into you on 11/11/2010 when they hit the stage at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

Candy Claws – Silent Time of Earth




Song of the Day – Monday 11/1/2010 Wild Nothing November 1, 2010

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Wild Nothing is the solo project from Virginia’s Jack Tatum, who has gone from a one-man recording project, to a full four-piece touring band. 

Tatum explains the difference between recording the album by himself to touring as a band: “In a lot of ways you lose a lot of stuff, but you gain a certain amount of energy that wasn’t there on the recording.  Live, we’ve kind of run into more of a rock band, if that makes any sense.  There’s that general energy about it, where it’s the live drums and everything is just a little louder and faster.  And it has a different feel, which I think is good.  At least for me, when I see a live band, it’s nice if everything is happening and all the instruments are being played right there.”  Wild Nothing played Popscene in September, but are sure to head back to the Bay very soon…

Wild Nothing’s debut album, Gemini was released on 5/25/2010 and has drawn comparisons to the Eighties Elite: Johnny Marr, The Cure, New Order and the Cocteau Twins…    

Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday



Song of the Day – Friday 10/22/2010 The Big Pink October 22, 2010

The Big Pink are an electro rock duo that formed in 2007 in London, England. The group consists of Robbie Furze (vocals, guitar) and Milo Cordell (keyboards, synths, vocals).  Their debut album, A Brief History of Love was released last year.  The band’s label, 4AD describes the album as “eleven stunning tracks that chart the trials of the heart, set within a sound world that combines melody and beautiful noise in equal measure.”

The Big Pink – Velvet



Song of the Day – Monday 10/4/10 Hurricane Bells October 4, 2010

Hurricane Bells is Steve Schiltz, who for the past 10 years has fronted New York’s indie rock band, Longwave. 

Hurricane Bells was intended to be a small side project for Schiltz’s more personal, softer side, but when his song “Monsters” was selected for the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, things blew up!  Schiltz explains, “I expected to put it out myself and maybe sell a thousand copies, do one little tour, probably on the East Coast, and that would be it…I got an email from the director saying that he wanted to use it as maybe the first song in the film, and I started kinda s**ting my pants!”

With a clean pair of underwear and the release of his new EP, Down Comes the Rain on 9/28/2010, Hurricane Bells will open up for KT Tunstall on 11/8/2010 at The Warfield in San Francisco…

Hurricane Bells – The Waiting Song




Song of the Day – Thursday 9/30/2010 Blue Sky Black Death September 30, 2010

Blue Sky Black Death are a San Francisco hip hop/shoegaze duo (aka Kingston and Young God) named after “a skydiving phrase alluding to beauty and death.”

Their latest album, Third Party dropped on 9/7/2010 with “third party” collaborator, Alexander Chen (of Boy in Static and The Consulate General) on vocals.

Blue Sky Black Death – Carl Sagan



Song of the Day – Friday 9/24/2010 Women September 24, 2010

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Women is an art rock band from Calgary, Canada.

Their second album, Public Strain, will be released in Canada, via Flemish Eye Records, and in the United States, via Jagjaguwar Records, on September 28th, 2010…

It’ll be every man, woman, and child when Women play the Hemlock Tavern with Manchild on 10/23/2010…

Women – Eyesore