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Song of the Day – Monday 3/28/2011 The Kills March 28, 2011

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The Kills fourth studio album, Blood Pressures will drop on 4/5/2011…they’ll play the Fillmore on 5/11/2011…

The Kills – Satellite




Song of the Day – Tuesday 2.8.2011 The Babies February 8, 2011

The Babies are Cassie Ramone of the Vivian Girls, Woods’ bassist Kevin Morby, Justin Sullivan of Bossy and Nathanael Stark — basically, they’re another Brooklyn lo-fi super group.  Their self-titled debut album is scheduled to drop today…

The Babies – Run Me Over



Song of the Day – Wednesday 12/15/2010 Tyvek December 15, 2010

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Okay, enough with the spooky slow-jams…let’s get into some three-chord punk with Detroit garage punkers, Tyvek who released their second album, Nothing Fits on 11/9/2010.

Tyvek – 4312



Song of the Day – Tuesday 11/30/2010 Weekend November 30, 2010

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San Francisco’s noise-pop trio Weekend is singer and bassist Shaun Durkan, guitarist Kevin Johnson and drummer Abe Pedroza.

The band’s debut album, Sports was released on 11/9/2010 on Slumberland Records who describe the album as “one of the most assured debuts in recent memory, full of rumbling rhythms, layers of LOUD guitars and most of all great songs that pay special attention to texture and atmosphere, and leaven even the most riotous moments with unexpected shards of melody.”

Weekend – Coma Summer




Song of the Day – Monday 11/8/2010 No Age November 8, 2010

LA’s indie rock duo, No Age consists of Randy Randall (guitar) and Dean Spunt (vocals, drums). The band has so far released three albums, 2007’s Weirdo Rippers (a compilation of early material) 2008’s Nouns and 2010’s Everything In Between.

The band’s third full-length album, Everything in Between dropped on 9/28/2010.

See No Age at The New Parish in Oakland on 12/8/2010…

No Age – Fever Dreaming



Song of the Day – Wednesday 5/12/2010 Vivian Girls May 12, 2010

It’s been said that after listening to Brooklyn, New York’s lo-fi rockers, Vivian Girls it will put you into one of two categories: you’ll either love ’em, or hate ’em.  However, MizMuze falls into a third category: the grown to like ’em category.  The haters complain about the band’s lack of musical prowess, while the lovers praise their punk rock attitude…I like the song “When I’m Gone” off the Vivian Girls’ 2009 studio album, Everything Goes Wrong.

Vivian Girls – When I’m Gone




Song of the Day – Friday 4/9/2010 Sex Pistols April 9, 2010

Today’s SOTD is dedicated to Malcolm McLaren who passed away yesterday at the age of 64.

John Lydon paid tribute to McLaren and issued the following statement:

“For me, Malc was always entertaining and I hope you remember that.  Above all else he was an entertainer and I will miss him, and so should you.” – Johnny Rotten

Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen