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Song of the Day – Tuesday 12/28/2010 White Denim December 28, 2010

Sorry MizMuzers…I’ve been trying to write today’s and yesterday’s posts via my iPhone as Big Brother has blocked access to all social networking, blogs, merchant sites, and anything fun at my day job.  Please forgive any missing links, mislabeled pictures, incorrect info—basically, the post below may be total bollocks…

White Denim is a four-piece hailing from Austin, Texas.  Their music draws influence from dub, psychedelic rock, blues, punk rock, progressive rock, soul, jazz, experimental rock with home-based recording, jamming approach, intense looping work and unusual song structures…

You can download the band’s latest LP, Last Day of Summer on their official website for FREE here!

White Denim – Some Wild Going Outward




Song of the Day – Wednesday 4/14/2010 Muse April 14, 2010

Tonight will be MizMuze’s 5th time seeing Muse live!  Why, you may ask?  Well, if you’ve ever had the chance to see this English rock trio perform live then you wouldn’t be asking such a silly question.  And, you would also know why Muse has been on every list for Best Live Act, and why lead singer and guitarist, Matthew Bellamy has been named one of the Top Guitarists of All Time, and why MizMuze’s signed copy of Black Holes and Revelations by all three band members is a prized possession.

Or maybe it’s just a Muze thang and you wouldn’t understand. But you can try…

Muse – Hysteria (Live)

Muse and Silversun Pickups will play tonight at the Oracle Arena in Oakland!



Song of the Day – Tuesday 4/13/2010 Fang Island April 13, 2010

The name Fang Island comes from an Onion article, and began as an art project while its five members where attending art school in Rhode Island.  Now based in Brooklyn, these five art-school indie rockers sing as if they are shouting at each other and have been compared to Go! Team.  The band describes their sound as “everyone high-fiving everyone.”

Their self-titled debut album was released on 2/23/2010 on Sargent House Records and they will be playing three gigs in the Bay Area in support of the Red Sparowes.  On 5/5 and 5/6 the band will be at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, and on 5/7, they make their way to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

Fang Island – Daisy