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Song of the Day – Wednesday 4/28/2010 Portugal. The Man April 28, 2010

See, not everything coming out of Wasilla, Alaska is pure-evil.  In fact, unlike the bespectacled rogue she-devil, indie rockers, Portugal. The Man are quite cool; and smart enough to know that they had to get the hell out of Wasilla to stay cool.

Here to explain why Portugal. The Man has a period in between their name is vocalist John Gourley, “A country is a group of people.  With Portugal, it just ended up being the first country that came to mind. The band’s name is ‘Portugal’. The period is stating that, and ‘The Man’ states that it’s just one person.”  Ummm, OK?

The bands’ fifth album, American Ghetto, was released last month.  Catch Portugal. The Man perform at Fillmore. The Auditorium on 6/18/2010.

Portugal. The Man – The Dead Dog




Just Announced: MGMT @ The Fillmore 4/12 & 4/13! March 24, 2010

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Tickets for MGMT go on sale 3/28/2010 at 10:00 am!!!

Click here for more info:



Just Announced: 3 Nights With Aziz Ansari @ The Fillmore 8/19, 8/20, and 8/21 Presale Now! March 17, 2010

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Presale tickets for Aziz Ansari’s ‘Dangerously Delicious Tour’ at The Fillmore are on sale now!  The password is…”guitar”  Click here for tix:



Song of the Day – Tuesday 2/23/2010 Yeasayer February 23, 2010

Inspired by music from the Middle East and Africa, this Brooklyn band dabbles in psychedelic and experimental rock, with a little worldbeat thrown in for good measure…

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Yeasayer’s latest release “Odd Blood” was released on 2/8/2010.  Catch Yeasayer supported by Sleigh Bells at the Fillmore on 4/17/2010 after their Coachella gig.



A Phoenix Rises at the Fillmore January 27, 2010

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Just like their namesake, the beautiful firebird in Greek mythology, Phoenix appeared onstage embalmed in a fire of light and sound at last night’s show at The Fillmore.   Keeping the flame alive during their entire hour-plus set, Phoenix opened up the show with their single “Listzomania,” from that point on, the crowd was set aflame as lead singer Thomas Mars announced to the crowd, “we’re Phoenix, and we’re from France!”  Roars and whoops followed, and they mixed right into “Lasso.”

Phoenix played most of their songs off the their latest album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” to the sold-out crowd and threw in some oldies and a few instrumentals.  The finale came too soon, but Monsieur Mars (aka Sofia Coppola’s ‘baby daddy’) did not leave without some drama and a bit of gratitude.

The last song the band played was their latest hit “1901” (presently heard on the Cadillac commercial).  During the song, Mr. Mars jumped from the stage and into the crowd and continued to sing from the back of the auditorium.  By the time he made his way back to the stage, the crowd had reached a fever-pitch, and whether it was planned or spontaneous, Mr. Mars beckoned the crowd to join him on stage.  The audience was only too eager to join the band, and leapt at the opportunity to stand on that historic stage while security rushed in to control the crowd.

While the band snuck off stage behind the ever-growing crowd on stage, it appeared that Phoenix had burst into flames and had given birth to a new and reincarnated creature.  The oblivious backwards audience were left screaming and taking photos of each other while the houselights came on and left behind were only the ashes and the memories of a fantastic show.