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Song of the Day – Thursday 12/9/2010 Ratatat December 9, 2010

Quick SOTD before MizMuze has to go into another training…

New York’s electronic music duo, Ratatat aka Mike Stroud and Evan Mast released their fourth album, aptly named LP4 on 6/8/2010.

Ratatat – Party with Children




Listen to MGMT’s New Album “Congratulations” March 22, 2010

MGMT’s sophomore album, Congratulations, is scheduled for release on 4/13/2010, however, you can hear the album in its entirety on the band’s official website.  Andrew and Ben said they decided to stream their “no singles” album because, “the album leaked, and we wanted you to be able to hear it from us.  We wanted to offer it as a free download but that didn’t make sense to anyone but us.”

Listen here:



Song of the Day – Monday 2/22/2010 Phantogram February 22, 2010

New York duo, Phantogram have known each other since junior high…their sound is spacey trip-hop pop which they like to call “street beat, psych pop.”

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Phantogram’s debut album ‘Eyelid Movies’ was released on 2/2/2010: