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WTF?! Trololo is now an iPhone App? March 23, 2010

With over two million views, many of you have probably already seen this, as it’s been circulating around the web for a few weeks.  But in case you haven’t, or you happen to be a Trololo Fan, check out Trololo (it’s so viral that a Trololo iPhone app was just announced today!)

Eduard Khil – Trololo

Here’s a little info about the song:

In 1966, Soviet singer Eduard Khil sang “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home,” on a Russian television show.  It is meant to be sung in the vokaliz style, that is to say sung, but without words.

Mr. Trololo already has over 14,000 fans on his Facebook page and Russian bloggers are starting a buzz to encourage Khil to represent Russia at the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Check out the Trololo iPhone App:


Eduard Khil