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Song of the Day – Friday 10/1/2010 Niva October 1, 2010

Formerly The Quietboy, Christian Niva of Stockholm, Sweden is now using the new moniker, Niva.  Perhaps Niva thought it redundant to call himself The Quietboy as his music is quiet, lulling, languidly cool, yet punctuated with soft dance grooves.

Niva’s latest EP, Feverish Dreams is scheduled for release on 10/25/2010.  Check out his Bandcamp page where you can sample some of his past and present work…

Niva – Ghost In My Head



Song of the Day – Monday 2/22/2010 Phantogram February 22, 2010

New York duo, Phantogram have known each other since junior high…their sound is spacey trip-hop pop which they like to call “street beat, psych pop.”

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Phantogram’s debut album ‘Eyelid Movies’ was released on 2/2/2010: