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Song of the Day – Thursday 9/23/2010 The Hundred in the Hands September 23, 2010

Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell make up the Brooklyn-based dance pop duo The Hundred in the Hands.  Their label states that they were “named after the phrase the Lakota Nation gave to the Fetterman Battle/Massacre of 1866 in Wyoming — in which Crazy Horse led his warriors to a victory that resulted in the death of 100 white soldiers — the Hundred in the Hands fuses synth pop with post-punk and dream pop elements, making for a sound that’s equally danceable and dreamy.”

Their self-titled debut dropped on 9/21/2010 and includes the track “Pigeons”…the video features a chick who’s had more than one-too-many, which results in an extreme case of acid reflux — we’re talking fireworks and explosions.  I’ll have what she’s drinking.

See The Hundred in the Hands on 10/21/2010 at Popscene’s 330 Ritch…

The Hundred in the Hands – Pigeons




Song of the Day – Monday 3/22/2010 Chew Lips March 22, 2010

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Let’s get this Monday started with a disco-dance party!  London-based band, Chew Lips draw from Blondie, Prince, LCD Soundsystem, and Hot Chip.  Lead singer Tigs describes how they came up with their name:  “Chew Lips is from a book called “Borstal Boy” which is by a Irish author named Brendan Behan. We think its kind of sleazy and kind of sexy and a bad pun, it describes us quite well.”

Chew Lips – Salt Air

Chew Lips are leaving the States after SXSW and heading back to England:




Song of the Day – Friday 2/19/2010 Ronika February 19, 2010

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Ronika, the British sugary-sweet dance-pop princess (not yet queen) has been compared to early Madonna and Gwen Stefani…the video for the song is just as adorably sugary-sweet, but to hear a little of the ‘disco sour’ check out her MySpace link below…

Ronika – Radio Love Love

Ronika’s EP ‘Do Or Die/Paper Scissors Stone’ will be released on 4/19/2010…check out her MySpace page and listen to the Madonna/Gwen/Kylie-esque ‘Wi Yoo’



Song of the Day – Wednesday 2/3/2010 French Horn Rebellion February 3, 2010

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Another synthpop duo from Brooklyn…the Perlick-Molinari brothers make up MGMT Lite…

French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night

Click on the link below to download their free EP:



Song of the Day – Monday 2/1/2010 Penguin Prison February 1, 2010

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Unsigned one-man-band from New York, Chris Glover aka Penguin Prision…get your 80’s dance groove on…

Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

If you’re down for Hot Chip, you’ll want to get more from Penguin Prision: