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Song of the Day – Thursday 7/15/2010 Sourpatch July 15, 2010

Sourpatch are a San Jose foursome who mix twee pop with indie rock to create a sound reminiscent of their self-professed love of 1990’s pop. 

Their label Happy Happy Birthday to Me claims the band, “formed from a mutual love of songs about unbearably impossible romances, Sourpatch plays in the vein of influences such as Tiger Trap, Rocketship, Velocity Girl, Cub, Heavenly, Go Sailor, Black Tambourine, and so many 90’s west coast babes!”  Their debut album, Crushin’ was released the beginning of this year. 

No local shows coming up, but MizMuze will keep you posted so check the Conzert Calendar daily…

Sourpatch – I Want You Either Way