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Cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ to Star in Sequel to ‘Idiocracy’ January 21, 2010

Idiocracy The Original…

Mike Judge, creator of “Beavis and Butt-head,” “Office Space,” and “King of the Hill” has stated that the entire cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” will star in his up-coming sequel to “Idiocracy” tentatively titled “Idiocracier – The Shore Drops a Deuce.”  Mr. Judge admitted that he had not intended to write a sequel to his 2006 sleeper-hit starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph, but that he was inspired after watching the fist-pumping and face-punching antics of Snooki, The Situation, and JWOWW of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore.”

Mr. Judge did not want to reveal too much about the sequel, but did give a little insight about the premise.  In the final scene of “Idiocracy,” we see that Rita’s pimp, Upgrayedd, has built a time machine and travels to the future searching for Rita to pay back the money she owes him from 500 years ago.  The sequel picks up with Upgayedd finding Rita and Joe and threatening to give them a “double dose” beat-down if they don’t come up with his money, plus interest.  Rita and Joe narrowly escape by taking off in Upgayedd’s time machine and land back in the present year of 2010 on the Jersey Shore.

Rita and Joe are astonished to find that the world has degraded so much in the 5 years they were gone—the Jersey Shore now resembles the dystopia they left behind—the residents speak unintelligibly, have ridiculous nicknames, sustain themselves on junk food, wear garish clothes, find pleasure in violence, and do nothing but tan, get drunk, and “beat the beat” in the dance clubs.  Realizing that the cast of “Jersey Shore” is to blame for the present decline of civilization, Joe and Rita kidnap Snooki and the gang, and bring them to already destroyed planet 500 years into the future.  It is Joe and Rita’s hope that ridding the world of the “Jersey Shore” cast will ultimately save our planet.

Be sure to watch the season finale of “Jersey Shore” on MTV tonight at 10:00 p.m. for all your hair gel, tanning, neon lycra dress, and bedazzled shirt wearing fashion tips!

Idiocracy The Deuce…