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Song of the Day – Tuesday 6/15/2010 Sunvisor June 15, 2010

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With only one track to date, NYC’s synthpop duo, Sunvisor can hardly rest on their laurels yet; but if their upcoming EP sounds as good as their single, Matt Buszko and Anthony Gerbino will be able to kick-back, relax, and ride their chillwave soon enough…

You can download their single, “Sky Dive” here.

Sunvisor – Sky Dive



Song of the Day – Friday 5/28/2010 Gauntlet Hair May 28, 2010

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Forest Family Records has another winner on their hands.  The first artist that FFR signed was Cults (remember “Go Outside” from all the way back to April 1st?!)  Now they’re bringing us Gauntlet Hair; a chillwavey duo from Lafayette, Colorado.

Here’s how the band describes themselves…”GAUNTLET HAIR is: Andy R. and Craig Nice. We have been making music together since we were fifteen years old. BFF. The writing of our full album is currently underway. We will have it for you shortly.” -HAIR

Gauntlet Hair – I Was Thinking



Song of the Day – Thursday 5/20/2010 Toro Y Moi May 19, 2010

South Carolinian Chaz Bundick, stage name Toro Y Moi, has been associated with the chillwave movement since last summer.  On his new 7″ single which was released for digital download yesterday, Bundick seems ready to “Leave Everywhere” and head in a new direction.

Toro Y Moi’s debut album, Causers of This was released on 1/4/2010 on Carpark Records.  Catch Toro Y Moi when he tours with Caribou at The Independent in San Francisco on 5/23 and 5/24…

Toro Y Moi – Leave Everywhere



Song of the Day – Tuesday 4/27/2010 Washed Out April 27, 2010

Fo’ rizzle, another drizzle?!  It’s the end of April and it’s raining…again!  Who’s ready for full-time rock steady sunshine?  Well, MizMuze is here to help.  Close your eyes and let the chillwave sounds of Washed Out take you away.

Ernest Greene aka Washed Out, created this beautiful chillout tune off the Life of Leisure EP, at night in his bedroom while his parents were asleep at their home in Georgia.

The term “chillwave” was actually created in 2009 by Carles of Hipster Runoff in order to describe the Washed Out sound.  So let’s ride this chillwave until April Showers give way to May Flowers…

Washed Out – Feel It All Around