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Boycott Leno and NBC’s Tonight Show March 1, 2010

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Don’t forget, Jay “the hack” Leno returns to NBC’s “Tonight Show” today.  Weird, didn’t he just get fired from that show?  And what kind of company would hire someone back that they fired, TWICE?!  Oh that would be NBC, the “NoBody Cares” here Network.  Normally when someone is fired from a job because a newer, brighter, funnier, and cooler replacement is found there is going to be some resentment.  But Mr. Nice Guy Leno is above resentment because he’s a victim, right?

Let’s see.  Five years ago, NBC told Leno that they were going to offer the “Tonight Show” gig to Conan O’Brien for fear (rightfully so) that O’Brien was going to look for greener and earlier time-slot pastures once his contract was up.  That gave Leno five more years to bore the socks off of anyone under that age of 80 or anyone with taste, brains, or ears.

For 17 years Mr. Leno painfully struggled through each interview while “entertaining” the masses with his stale, stolen, and regurgitated jokes.  That’s 16.5 years more than O’Brien was given to build an audience.  So when Leno pouted, NBC caved (once again out of fear of defection) and offered him a primetime show as a lead-in to O’Brien’s “Tonight Show.”

Well, when “The Jay Leno Show” ratings tanked, and affiliates were dissatisfied, NBC told Leno that his show would either be moved or cancelled.  Of course Leno wasn’t going to leave, he’d hang onto any crumb NBC was throwing at him.  Much like the creature in the horror movie, just when you think he’s dead and gone, Leno keeps coming back to terrorize you.

We’ve heard the rumors of Leno hiding in closets to eavesdrop during conference calls to see whether or not he was going to get the job as the “Tonight Show’ replacement after Jonny Carson, and how Carson refused to ever appear on “The Tonight Show” while Leno was the host—in fact, Carson’s last TV appearance was on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”  These are all signs of a really nice, upstanding guy.

Still think Leno is the every-man nice guy and not an opportunist?  Instead of bowing out gracefully, and be a man of his word by retiring like he said he was going to do five years ago, Leno began playing the victim, hinting that his and Conan’s poor ratings meant changes were coming.  What Leno knew, and had hoped for was exactly what happened—he would move back into the 11:35 time-slot with a shorter 30-minute show, and bump Conan to 12:05.  It was all so beautifully orchestrated; NBC would not have to pay-out Leno’s huge early termination contract, they would keep Conan on their network, and they would win back viewers of Leno’s “Tonight Show.”

But this was not to be.  Conan stood his ground and said he felt bumping the show to 12:05 and having three back-to-back talk shows would be destructive to the legacy of the “Tonight Show” and he therfore made the painful decision to leave NBC and the “Tonight Show” taking with him his fans, his crew, and his dignity.

So, now that Jay “the Chin” is back, right where he planned and plotted to be, might MizMuze suggest that you do something other than watch the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno?  One excellent suggestion is typing in ‘Song of the Day’ into the search field on MizMuze and giving your ears the aural pleasure it deserves from 11:35pm-12:35 am…well, at least until Coco returns…