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Song of the Day – Friday 2.18.2010 Radiohead February 18, 2011

Radiohead have released their eighth studio album, The King of Limbs a day early!  CD and vinyl are scheduled to drop on 3/28.  You can purchase the album download at the link below right now:


And starting at 11am pacific time, you can stream it HERE!

Check out the video for their first single “Lotus Flower”….

Radiohead – Lotus Flower



Song of the Day – Friday 2.11.2011 The Strokes February 11, 2011

The Strokes highly-anticipated fourth album, Angles will drop on 3.22/2011!  Their first single, “Under Cover of Darkness” was released on 2.9.2011…for the next 48 you can download it for FREE by clicking HERE (so get it before midnight 2.12.2011)!!!

The Stokes – Under Cover of Darkness




Song of the Day – Thursday 12/9/2010 Ratatat December 9, 2010

Quick SOTD before MizMuze has to go into another training…

New York’s electronic music duo, Ratatat aka Mike Stroud and Evan Mast released their fourth album, aptly named LP4 on 6/8/2010.

Ratatat – Party with Children




Song of the Day – Tuesday 12/7/2010 PJ Harvey December 7, 2010

PJ Harvey will release her eighth album, Let England Shake which is scheduled for release on 2/14/2011 in the UK and on 2/15/2011 in the US.  She made the following statement to the BBC regarding her new album:

“I think a lot of my work has often been about the interior, the emotional, what happens inside oneself.  This time I’ve just been looking out, so it’s not only to do with taking a look at England, but taking a look at the world and what’s happening in the current day world affairs.  But always trying to come from the human point of view because I don’t feel qualified to sing from a political standpoint.”

Miz Polly Jean will embark on a mini-European Tour (which is already sold out) in February, and will hit the festival circuit this Summer…

Harvey – Written on the Forehead




Song of the Day – Tuesday 11/2/2010 Blur November 2, 2010


Today’s Song of the Day is dedicated to the San Francisco Giants who made franchise history last night by ending their 56-year title draught and clinched the World Series title!  Fanz were dancing in the streets all night in celebration, and all MizMuze has to say is WOO-HOO!!!

Oh yeah, I actually have one more thing to say: ROCK THE VOTE TODAY!

Blur – Song 2



Song of the Day – Tuesday 10/12/2010 Alex Ebert October 12, 2010

Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Ima Robot has released the song “Truth” as a solo project…word on the internet is that a solo album will be released in early 2011.  Of course, MizMuze will keep you updated.

**UPDATE** Alex Ebert’s solo album, Alexander, is scheduled to drop on 3.1.2011!  See below for the track list for Alexander:

1. Let’s Win

2. Awake My Body

3. Truth

4. In The Twilight

5. Bad Bad Love

6. Old Friend

7. A Million Years

8. Remember Our Heart

9. Glimpses

10. Let’s Make A Deal To Not Make A Deal

Alexander – Truth




Song of the Day – Monday 10/4/10 Hurricane Bells October 4, 2010

Hurricane Bells is Steve Schiltz, who for the past 10 years has fronted New York’s indie rock band, Longwave. 

Hurricane Bells was intended to be a small side project for Schiltz’s more personal, softer side, but when his song “Monsters” was selected for the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack, things blew up!  Schiltz explains, “I expected to put it out myself and maybe sell a thousand copies, do one little tour, probably on the East Coast, and that would be it…I got an email from the director saying that he wanted to use it as maybe the first song in the film, and I started kinda s**ting my pants!”

With a clean pair of underwear and the release of his new EP, Down Comes the Rain on 9/28/2010, Hurricane Bells will open up for KT Tunstall on 11/8/2010 at The Warfield in San Francisco…

Hurricane Bells – The Waiting Song




Song of the Day – Thursday 9/16/2010 The Flaming Lips September 16, 2010

Let’s dial it back to 1993 when Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips didn’t look so much like Richard Branson, but rather had a shock of bright orange hair and sang songs about girls who thought of ghosts and made sandwiches with vaseline, and boys who blew their noses into magazines. 

See The Flaming Lips and Ariel Pink on 10/1/2010 and 10/2/2010 at the Fox Theater in Oakland…

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly




Song of the Day – Thursday 8/19/2010 Clinic August 19, 2010

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Liverpool’s Clinic, the surgically-masked mad scientists/post-punk revivalists are about to release their new album, Bubblegum on 10/4/2010.  Best known for their fast-paced, vintage sound, their new album (according to their website) does away with the old: “In place of churning riffs and wired vocals is a dream state of harpsichords, dulcimers and strings.  Melody and softness combine with the band’s unique internal logic to produce a record of pop beauty.”  Cool.

You can see Clinic operate when they hit the stage at The Independent in San Francisco on 11/19/2010…

Clinic – I’m Aware




Song of the Day – Wednesday 8/11/2010 Mona August 11, 2010

Proclaiming to one day be “bigger than Bono” these four boys from Nashville, Tennessee, BKA Mona, have set some pretty lofty goals for themselves.  Well, they have the look and the attitude, and they have been compared to U2, Kings of Leon, Rocket from the Crypt, and a little Clash… but really, with a name like Mona can their dreams really become reality? 

See for yourself…they will release their debut single, “Listen to Your Love” on 9/13/2010 by ZION NOIZ.  You can pre-order here.

Mona – Listen to Your Love