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Song of the Day – Wednesday 12/1/2010 These New Puritans December 1, 2010

So NME came out with their Top Ten of 2010 on Monday (guess the Brits are sure that December will not yield any contenders…Hello?!  What about Daft Punk’s and Jessica Simpson’s albums that are scheduled to drop next week?!).  Who do you think made number one?  Drumroll please…

Congratulations British art rockers, These New Puritans, you’re album Hidden just made NME’s number one!!!  You beat out MizMuze’s top-three contenders for the number one spot.  Spoiler alert: Beach House, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem will most likely be my number one—but stay tuned, a dark horse (or deer) may just take the lead. 

So what are your favorite albums of 2010? 

These New Puritans – We Want War




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