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Song of the Day – Monday 11/15/2010 Diamond Rings November 15, 2010

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What do Ziggy Stardust, Sasha Fierce,and Diamond Rings have in common?  They are the alter-egos of David Bowie, Beyonce Knowles, and John O’Regan.  What, you’ve never heard of John O’Regan?  Well, in Toronto he’s known as the lead singer of indie rock group, D’Urbervilles.

It appears that John O is playing up the whole “girls who are boys/who like boys to be girls” scene, and working it to his advantage.  In fact, his debut album, Special Affections was released last month with Pitchfork giving the album an 8.2 stating, “The fact that O’Regan never lets on whether he’s singing to a boy or a girl further emphasizes its universal applications.”  Marketing genius. 

So Girls and Boys, get your rainbow eyeshadow on and head over to Popscene on Thanksgiving on 11/25/10 and see Diamond Rings in action…he may just dedicate a song to you.

Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs



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