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Song of the Day – Monday 7/26/2010 ceo July 26, 2010

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Sweden’s Eric Berglund of The Tough Alliance has a mysterious new project, ceo.  His debut album, White Magic was released last month…

The video for “Come With Me” includes stuffed animals, champagne, masks, and knives.  Just your typical, everyday, Swedish house-party.  Via the band’s website is a description of what ceo is:

“ceo is the photosynthesis and an aria, it is silence and virginity lost in a gang bang.
ceo is a bird in space and ceo is the space in a bird.
ceo is saliva, patron, november rain and panic. it is a relief, a citrine and it is broken dreams.
ceo is the harlot, the prince the snake and the shaman. in a spyker c8 laviolette. and on a mirage.
ceo is raspberries and chlamydia, it is the shadow and it is a clapping game.”

File under: Danceable WTF

ceo – Come With Me



Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs Entire Album Leak July 23, 2010

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There’s a leak on Suburban street…Arcade Fire’s highly anticipated album, The Suburbs has been leaked in its entirety. 


MizMuze encourages that you listen, enjoy, and then pre-order the album here.


Song of the Day – Friday 7/23/2010 The Walkmen

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MizMuze has been down for five-piece indie rockers, The Walkmen since they released their debut album, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone all the way back in 2002…the other “The” band from New York—The Strokes, had also just hit the scene at that time —that’s when I started getting excited about music again…it seemed that the indie sound was making a comeback in the post-millenium…     

The Walkmen are scheduled to release their sixth studio album, Lisbon on 9/14/2010.  You can see The Walkmen and Japandroids when they rock out at The Fillmore the same day the album comes out. 

The Walkmen – Stranded




Song of the Day – Thursday 7/22/2010 Klaxons July 22, 2010

London new ravers, Klaxons are set to release their sophomore album, Surfing the Void on 8/23/2010.  Catch them at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on 10/7/2010…

Klaxons – Echoes




Song of the Day – Wednesday 7/21/2010 Frankie Rose and The Outs July 21, 2010

Brooklyn’s Frankie Rose is a bit of a nomad.  She’s been involved with several groups including Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts,  Dum Dum Girls.  Now she’s moving away from the drum kit and is fronting (on lead vocals and guitar) her new project, Frankie Rose and the Outs.  Look for their self-titled debut LP to drop on 9/21/2010, and tour dates (even though Frankie is not fond of touring) are sure to follow… 

Frankie Rose and The Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls



Original Big Star Bassist, Andy Hummel, Dead At 59 July 20, 2010

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This has been a very sad year for Big Star.  Nearly four months to the day after the death of front man Alex Chilton, the power pop band’s original bassist, Andy Hummel, has passed away after fighting a two-year battle with Cancer.   Hummel died yesterday, 7/19/2010 at age 59.  You can read the full MTV report here.


Song of the Day – Tuesday 7/20/2010 Department of Eagles

Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear formed indie rock band, Department of Eagles back in 2000 with his NYU roommate, Fred Nicolaus.  Their latest album, Archives 2003-2006 dropped today and is a collection of unreleased material.  MizMuze can’t stop spinnin’ this one…

Department of Eagles – While We’re Young