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Song of the Day – Friday 7/30/2010 Geneva Jacuzzi July 30, 2010

MizMuze hasn’t made up her mind as to whether or not Geneva Jacuzzi’s single, “Clothes on the Bed” is genius or junk. 

Miz Jacuzzi (aka Geneva Garvin) has, according to her website, “fronted a number of mysterious and fleeting performances under hilarious and perfunctory aliases (Pregnant, Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpet) before building her permanent home in Bubonic Plague.  Her music is quasi-occult mystery, flippant wit and quizzical torch, enshrined in the unsuspecting and jazzy veneer of sundry electronic music styles that range from darkwave goth-lounge to tropicalia.”

Geneva’s first LP, Lamaze dropped on 2/23/2010 and fellow freak folker, Ariel Pink (whom she will be touring with in Europe starting in October) has contributed to the album.  

You may hate this one, but hey, it’s Friday, and you have the next two days off…so keep listening…you may just start to love it…or not…

Geneva Jacuzzi – Clothes on the Bed




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