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Song of the Day – Monday 7/19/2010 The Limousines July 19, 2010

MizMuze must be in a dream within a dream, because what else could explain the fact that so much good music is coming out of little ol’ San Ho lately.  Or maybe I’m in a third-level dream-state just like Leo in the new blockbuster, Inception (which MizMuze gives two spins of a top up!) 

Whether it’s a dream or nightmare, there’s no doubt that indie music is finding its way to San Jose…

Today’s SOTD comes from San Jose electropop duo, The Limousines whose single “Very Busy People”  received national airplay and chart success last year.  Their debut album, Get Sharp will drop on 7/27/2010 via iTunes and Hot Topic…

Make sure to check out The Limousines when they chauffeur their way to the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on 9/3/2010.

The Limousines – Internet Killed The Video Star




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