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Song of the Day – Monday 4/27/2010 Jacuzzi Boys April 26, 2010

Miami, Florida’s lo-fo/garage rock trio, Jacuzzi Boys, have been described as The Ramones meets the Beach Boys.  Their debut album, No Seasons was released last year.

You can catch the band when they play at Thee Parkside in San Francisco on 5/21/2010.

Jacuzzi Boys – Island Ave



2 Responses to “Song of the Day – Monday 4/27/2010 Jacuzzi Boys”

  1. miss rose Says:

    I was hesitant to listen. God forbid anything remotely sounding like the Ramones ever sound like the Beach Boys. lol!
    Sorry I know. I’m hating on the BBs. That comparison caught me off guard I’m soooo not a fan of the BBs and I’m HUGE fan of the Ramones!!

    This song/sound reminds me of old Rolling Stones…and I can see why there is a comparison to the Ramones for sure!
    Thanks MizMuze…
    I like it!

  2. Spacegirl919 Says:

    Never heard of this band, but I like it. Pretty cool sounding!

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