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Song of the Day – Monday 4/5/2010 Camera Obscura April 5, 2010

MizMuze ate all the Peeps the Easter Bunny brought her yesterday and is now suffering the inevitable consequences (really though, who can resist those adorable yellow marshmallows, with their beady brown eyes all covered in sugar?!)  So…today’s SOTD just happens to come from MizMuze’s #1 Top Ten album of 2009!

Camera Obscura’s 4th LP, My Maudlin Career was in constant rotation on MizMuze’s car stereo, iTunes, iPod, MacBook Pro, iPhone etc (yes Apple, MizMuze would love a free iPad if offered).  Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the twee Scottish band when they will be playing their sold out show at the Great American Music Hall on 4/21 and opening up for Yo La Tengo at the Fillmore on 4/22!!!

Camera Obscura – Honey in the Sun




2 Responses to “Song of the Day – Monday 4/5/2010 Camera Obscura”

  1. Spacegirl919 Says:

    I know you’ve mentioned this band to me before, but this is the first time I ever hear a song of there’s and I really liked it.
    Lots of talent all at once on stage, especially with all the different instruments : )
    And Apple @spacegirl919 would like a free ipad too! : )

  2. […] Ribbons describes their sound as “garage pop with a cabaret twist” and happen to be Camera Obscura‘s favorite American band at the […]

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