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Jimmy Kimmel Handsome Men’s Club March 8, 2010

After last night’s Academy Awards Jimmy Kimmel announced that he’s the founding member and president of the Handsome Men’s Club whose members include Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, Sting, Josh Hartnett, Gilles Marini, Lenny Kravitz, Taye Diggs, John Krasinski (the Club’s only “cute” not “handsome” member), Lenny Kravitz, Ben Affleck, Rob Lowe, Josh Hartnett, Ethan “Handsome” Hawke, Ted Danson, Tony Romo, Keith Urban, and Matt Damon…

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Handsome Men’s Club


3 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel Handsome Men’s Club”

  1. Thanks for a great post and interesting comments. I found this post while searching for some free songs. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. ShannyShanShan Says:

    “From within the inside…”

    Josh Hartnett, Sting, and Ethan Hawk = Not Handsome

  3. Saray Says:

    McConaughey handsome?!? do not make me laugh, please.
    Most of the men on the list are just … from meh to downright ugly.
    I would have understood this piece of ehm… news if Ryan Gosling or Gethin Jones would have been invited to join.

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