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Song of the Day – Tuesday 2/16/2010 Sleigh Bells February 16, 2010

STOP…don’t adjust that dial!  Brooklyn’s unsigned duo, Sleigh Bells wants to blow out your speakers, or at least sound like they’ve blown them out from first distorted beat…

Sleigh Bells – A/B Machines

Sleigh Bells will be opening up for Yeasayer on 4/17/2010 at The Fillmore.

Check out all Sleigh Bells sensory overloaded tunes:



3 Responses to “Song of the Day – Tuesday 2/16/2010 Sleigh Bells”

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  2. […] been under the weather, I felt much better after seeing Oberhofer open up for Neon Indian and Sleigh Bells [SB absolutely slayed the crowd, (or is it slew?)] at The Independent on […]

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