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Pint Glass Saves Lives and Lowers Healthcare Costs February 5, 2010

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Next time you’re at the pub and it’s Liverpool vs. Manchester United, you can now rest easy knowing that no matter who’s winning, you will not be “glassed” to death by a football hooligan. 

The shatterproof pint glass was unveiled be the British Government yesterday and they have estimated that the country will save “billions” in health care costs by coming up with a glass that doesn’t double as a lethal weapon.

What?!  Apparently in the UK there are approximately 87,000 alcohol-related glass attacks each year, with many resulting in hospital visits.  Home Secretary Alan Johnson stated, “Glassing causes horrific injuries and has a lasting and devastating impact on victims and their families, I hope these designs will help bring an end to such attacks.”  Hmmm, perhaps the British Government may have solved America’s healthcare reform problem.  

So drink up soccer supporters, you’re pint glass is in safe hands. 

For the full story click here:



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